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Transit Bumperstep Transit 2015+ bumperstep shown on Transit equipped with original extended bumper Transit 2015+ bumperstep installed on Transit equipped with standard factory bumper Here’s what you get in the kit:

The Rear BumperStep  for the Transit features galvanized steel construction for strength and corrosion resistance. The aggressive tread is totally slip resistant and the ends are capped off with rubber bumpers that are gentle on whatever comes in contact with them. Installation takes about 30 minutes with common tools. This fits all Transits except models with reverse sensors.    

Transit BumperStep kit : $395.00

Not for vehicles with reverse sensors

Transit bumperstep kit fits 2015+ Transits and comes with all mounting hardware

Our Bumperstep installed on the Transit equipped with the standard factory  bumper

Our Bumperstep installed on the Transit equipped with the extended factory  bumper