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Transit Wheel Trims

Get a set of dually wheel liners for your Transit 350 Dually. These polished stainless steel wheel trims will give your van a cool, understated look. Rust will never be a problem, plus they have a clever & solid mounting system so there’s no worry of loss or noise. Everything you need is in the box.                       $298.00 /set

Front Wheel

Rear Wheel

The kit includes these unique brackets which attach to the front wheel lugnuts and the stainless wheel trims then bolt to these brackets… smart.

Each of the rear wheel trim s is held on using  two of these lug nuts included in the kit. Also included is a special wrench to tighten these lug nuts.

For the Dually: Transit beauty rings, chrome over stainless steel

16” Beauty Rings,
Chrome over
Stainless Steel

Set of four: 89.00

For a little money, get a lot of style. Chrome beauty rings make the bland silver wheel on your Transit POP nicely. They snap on in minutes, and don’t let go. Rust and discoloration are non-issues because they’re made of stainless steel.